The Bamboo Founding Team

The Bamboo Founding Team

Bamboo started just like anything else: an idea.

From this idea, just a seedling, our team of four entrepreneurs including Amanda Lewan, Mike Ferlito, Brian Davis and David Anderson, got together and activated a space Downtown. We started with community first. We listened and created a space for our first customers. Then, we strengthened it. We learned that what our community craved most was an inclusive place where people of all backgrounds and stages of their company can collaborate together.

That’s what makes Bamboo special. It’s not just locations, colorful environments, or super-fast Internet. It’s the people. We are a community where writers, developers, and high-growth tech companies work together. The truth is in Detroit is we’re all in this together. As our culture has strengthened we realized how vital it is to always host frequent and open events that lead to inspired growth, offering flexible ways to work anywhere and anytime together.

Thanks to all who started with us that first Fall in 2013. We hope you join us as we continue to revitalization Detroit together and expand to build a growing network of flexible spaces that bring inclusive culture to all.

We’re now on a mission to bring access and inspired growth to the world.

Below are a bit more of our Bamboo Beliefs, a culture we’re defining and creating together.

Inspired Growth comes from the following….

Be Open to Others. Through many free or low-cost events, we’re always welcoming new people to our space and our city. We have to start with a welcoming environment first to inspire collaboration. New people brings in new ideas, connections, and collaborations for our members too.

Listen Before Creating. Take time to listen to your customer, to your coworker, to the people around you. When you’re entering any community, recognize it’s strengths and opportunities. You do this by listening first. Listening leads to stronger collaboration. This is how we started and this is our key pillar to community engagement and community building.

Put People First. It’s really all about the people for us: you our members. You inspire us. We always want to hear your ups and downs, and authentically how we can do better to create a supportive environment for you. We hope you put people first too. Business at it’s heart is about the people creating and serving together.

Nothing is Too Big or Too Small to Change. Innovation is in the details as much as it is in the big ideas. At Bamboo we encourage both. If you’re stuck on an idea, talk to someone around you and get feedback If you want to see a change, talk to our Bamboo team. We’re here to help you create change no matter if it’s big or small.

Support Each Other. One thing that makes Bamboo special is that we’re entrepreneurially led. We’re all in it together. Starting or growing a business is hard work. We recognize this and create a culture of peer-to-peer support that helps you out anytime you need it. From events, to resources, to random questions for the whole community – we’re in it together.

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