Hans Erickson Happiness Engineer of Newmind Group

Hans Erickson Happiness Engineer of Newmind Group

Hans Erickson is the Happiness Engineer for the IT Management Service provider Newmind Group. The company born in Kalamazoo has expanded rapidly, with Hans Erickson leading their new Detroit office out of Bamboo Detroit.

A co-working space has helped Hans get embedded into the local community and gives him a home to stop in whenever he’s Downtown handling sales and client meetings. Below is more on this technology company and Hans’ work.

What is Newmind Group? What work do you do?

Newmind Group is an award-winning IT Managed Service provider specializing in cloud computing solutions. Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Newmind Group began as a small, regional IT company in 2003. Since then, we have opened offices in Charleston, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit, and have grown in scope and size to become a national provider of cloud computing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our specialty is moving legacy systems to more cost effective and reliable cloud based systems.

Many companies focus on more productive and profitable work.  Those things are important, but we believe a positive and fun culture trumps ‘bottom line’ focus, and ultimately delivers success.  Our positive culture and approach were recently recognized by UofM’s Center for Positive Organizations.  We work every day to influence our clients in a positive and fun direction in how they innovate, implement technology and move their organizations forward with technology.

How did you get started working in the world of tech?

Hans as Bamboo Bot

Hans as Bot at Bamboo!

I started fixing cars, and loved how systems related and worked together.  I realized I had a knack for computers while in school, so I transferred into computers while in the Marines.

What do you love most about your job?

How fast technology changes.  It is impossible to get bored in this industry.  I also like helping people and providing a service they find valuable.

What piece of advice to you for others looking to get into your industry?

The same advice that applies to most industry or career choices – follow your passion.  If you find that you have a natural ability or talent or skill, and really want to develop it, it will be a great match.  Our industry has become so ubiquitous now that I think that anyone choosing it as a career today is picking a different field than even 10 years ago.  So perhaps your tolerance for change should be the litmus test.  If you REALLY like change and are constantly frustrated by the status quo, then you are home!

How has coworking or being in Downtown helped you?

There is an amazing sense of potential in downtown Detroit today.  There is an energy that people involved in startups bring to their daily interactions.  Even on a low energy day for me, the excitement and enthusiasm of those around me at Bamboo, or taking a walk down to experience the energy of Campus Martius for lunch gets me fired back up.  The influx of people to downtown and the excitement around all the positive change are helping me to connect with client companies that are good matches for our culture.

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