Inspired Creators

Our members are diverse, talented, experienced and starting up, tech-savvy and crafty. They range in industries and backgrounds. It’s this diverse mix of people that makes Bamboo special. When you have a diverse community you have more perspectives, and more room for collaboration and innovation.

  • Four years ago, when we first started Bamboo, the revitalization of Downtown Detroit was just beginning. In just a few years we’ve watched the launch of the beautiful new Q

  • Every month there are hundreds of events happening in Metro Detroit. You could right now go onto a website like eventbrite and make an account in five minutes tops and you

  • By the age of 25 Justin Morelock jokes that he had probably worked just about every job out there.  So, he had to challenge himself. He asked himself: Justin, what is it yo

  • As a startup or small business owner, it’s easy to forget about telling your story. You’re often busy focusing on the product, the day to day operations, the te

  • Bamboo started just like anything else: an idea. From this idea, just a seedling, our team of four entrepreneurs including Amanda Lewan, Mike Ferlito, Brian Davis and David

  • You may see him around Bamboo with a hockey stick in hand, or creating the next best Bamboo meme. Terry Johnson joined us when we first opened up Bamboo’s doors. At the tim

  • Hans Erickson is the Happiness Engineer for the IT Management Service provider Newmind Group. The company born in Kalamazoo has expanded rapidly, with Hans Erickson leading

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